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Whole-house safety and value protection against harmful airborne particles and unseen molds.








Health impact:

Particle size determines the site of respiratory contact and is critical for the determination of health outcomes. Particles from 10um -100um in size enter through the nose and may induce allergic rhinitis. Particles from 4-10um in size deposit in the lower airways and may induce asthma, and particles <4um can reach the alveoli, deep into the lungs, and cause much more severe responses.

Particle range:

Allergens are components of particles of 1-100um in diameter, but could be as small as 0.1um in size.

Roach allergen is found on body parts, waste, and saliva. Cockroaches can gain entry into your home through opening in your wall and floors and wreak havoc on your life. The good news is that the presence of cockroach allergen isn't always indicative of roach infestation in your home. Even with pest removal efforts, roach allergen can be left behind in your home exacerbating your asthma and allergy symptoms.

Get to the source of asthma allergy problems faster.

Only AirAnswers® can detect the ultra-fine harmful allergen particles floating in the home air that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Competitors just measure large particles of dust that settle quickly.

According to leading scientific studies, dust sampling is not the best indicator of actual exposure. AirAnswers® testing method has been proven in four clinical studies.


Address harmful allergens and molds before closing with AirAnswers®.

AirAnswers® is the only indoor test that identifies airborne allergens and molds. Patented and scientifically validated, this powerful technology helps home inspectors or indoor air quality experts accurately detect and verify the presence of even hidden mold. AirAnswers® makes it easy by collecting the air samples for you and providing detailed findings. It's the proof-positive way to know your risk before you deploy a loan. Plus, you add value to home-buyer health. Unlike dust sampling, only AirAnswers® detects the small airborne allergens capable of entering deeply into the lungs and triggering severe symptoms.

One AirAnswers® device can provide a complete allergen profile of your property's environment.


Only AirAnswers® detects the small airborne allergens capable of entering the lungs and bloodstream.

Surface dust and particle sampling simply can't compare.

Dust Competitors 1
Leave them in the dust
Tests for 23 airborne mold allergens   check mark icon
airborne dust mite allergens   check mark icon
airborne dog allergens   check mark icon
airborne cat allergens   check mark icon
airborne pollen allergens   check mark icon
airborne mouse allergens   check mark icon
airborne roach allergens   check mark icon
airborne ragweed allergens   check mark icon
airborne dust or other particles   check mark icon
Patented technology   check mark icon
Samples 1 million liters of indoor air - WHOLE HOUSE   check mark icon
ISO compliant laboratory results   check mark icon
Detailed findings report Vague / Poor check mark icon
Personal consultation and action plan   check mark icon


  • Dr. Jonathan Bernstein, CCI FACP, M.D. | Physician
    "Having the ability to quickly know which fine particle allergens are in my patient's homes is an important part of implementing a personalized intervention program."
  • Dr. Priya Bansal | Physician
    "Accurate and comprehensive AirAnswers® report allows physicians to quickly address patients relevant airborne allergens."
  • Dr. Paul Detjen | Allergist
    "A fast, accurate, and actionable report quickly identifying fine particle allergens in my patient’s home completes the picture for the most impactful allergen avoidance strategies."
  • Elizabeth D. | Patient
    "Testing with AirAnswers® in a specific home where I constantly had allergies helped us pinpoint exactly what was the cause, and what to avoid, and for that I am better, have fewer symptoms and am taking less medicine!"
  • Ian Cull, PE, CIH | IAQ Specialist |
    "A single AirAnswers® test in a central location near a return vent can help identify problems in far-reaching areas of a home."
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