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    The only indoor air test that identifies airborne allergens small enough to trigger symptoms.

    Get peace of mind with the only test that identifies harmful airborne allergens and provides a personalized action plan for reducing them in your home.

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Get to the source of asthma allergy problems faster.

Only AirAnswers® can detect the ultra-fine harmful allergen particles floating in your patient's air that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. Competitors just measure large particles of dust that settle quickly.

According to leading scientific studies, dust sampling is not the best indicator of actual exposure. AirAnswers® testing method has been proven in four clinical studies.


AirAnswers® is simple and easy to use

Run AirAnswers®

When your AirAnswers® testing device arrives at your doorstep, simply plug in the device and leave it running for 5 days to gather 1 million litres of air for allergen testing, Run the device 1 day if you are testing for mold only. Once the collection period is complete, register your cartridge, select your testing and reporting details on the AirAnswers® website.

Let AirAnswers® analyze the air

1 million liters of air provides a holistic insight into your home's environment

Your Results Are Ready!

Your results will be emailed to you. If you choose the optional consultation when registering your cartridge, we'll get on a call with you to share your results and gather information about your home environment so we can provide you with removal recommendations that are tailored to your family's needs.

Get accurate answers with the only true, airborne harmful-allergen test.

Detects more

Detects over 30 airborne harmful-allergens and molds in one automated test.


Published in Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Microbiome and as posters at ACAAI, EAACI and AAAI.


Portable and easy-to-use: simply plug it in at home or business for 5 days for allergens, 1 day for mold, and ship to our ISO compliant lab.

Detailed reporting

Detailed findings include a report format of your choice, expert support, and the option of a personal consultation.

Patented technology

NASA based science, patented processes and methods – the only airborne fine particle detection device.

Highly researched

Used in collaborations with Johns Hopkins University, University of Chicago, Harvard University and Argonne National Labs.

  • Dr. Jonathan Bernstein, CCI FACP, M.D. | Physician
    "Having the ability to quickly know which fine particle allergens are in my patient's homes is an important part of implementing a personalized intervention program."
  • Dr. Priya Bansal | Physician
    "Accurate and comprehensive AirAnswers® report allows physicians to quickly address patients relevant airborne allergens."
  • Dr. Paul Detjen | Allergist
    "A fast, accurate, and actionable report quickly identifying fine particle allergens in my patient’s home completes the picture for the most impactful allergen avoidance strategies."
  • Elizabeth D. | Patient
    "Testing with AirAnswers® in a specific home where I constantly had allergies helped us pinpoint exactly what was the cause, and what to avoid, and for that I am better, have fewer symptoms and am taking less medicine!"
  • Ian Cull, PE, CIH | IAQ Specialist |
    "A single AirAnswers® test in a central location near a return vent can help identify problems in far-reaching areas of a home."
Know your environment

It's a new day in the fight against harmful airborne allergens. Get the answers you need.

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